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Вілла Роксолана В центральній частині міста можна побачити комфортабельний будиночок, який називають Вілла Роксолана. Вілла Роксолана знаходиться на відстані 300 метрів від: верхнього бювету мінеральних вод, курортного дендропарку, курортної поліклініки №2, водолікарні, озокеритолікарні.

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Усадьба в частном секторе Среди многих частных вилл, домов, коттеджей и квартир особенного внимания заслуживает удобная усадьба по ул. Роксолани, 31. О ней невозможно говорить, не использовав слово «удобная».

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If you are tired of everyday fuss, and you want to return to yourself soul and physical balance, resort Truskavets is just for you. Clean Carpathian air fills the lungs with the freshness of beech and spruce woods; landscapes of mountain ranges gladden the eye and give a feel of pacification.

Resort Park. TruskavetsThe town of Truskavets which is hidden in the foothills of the Ukrainian (Eastern) Carpathians, is considered to be one of the best balneal resorts of the world. Situated on the elevation of 350 meters above sea level and not polluted with industrial waste-products, it is created, to give people the most precious thing – the health.

The climate of the resort is temperately warm and humid with mild winter and not hot summer. The coldest month of the year is January (average temperature is -4C), the hottest months are June and August (+22C). The biggest amount of precipitation can be observed at the resort in the end of springtime, also in the first months of the Summer. The smallest amount of precipitation is in winter. Resort Park. Truskavets

Despite of the small number of local population ( about 26600 persons) the resort annually receives nearly 200 thousands of guests, who arrive as for a substantial treatment and for rehabilitation courses. Not only the inhabitants of Ukraine are treated in Truskavets, but also people from the other countries of Europe and from all over the world. Truskavets is rich in natural mineral springs, and is capable of competing with famous European resorts, such as Karlovy Vary and Baden-Baden, and according to certain indications ( urological treatment base) it has no analogies in Europe.

Even though the historical recollections about Truskavets are sufficiently old ( they reach the times of glorious Kyiv Russ’), as a balneal resort the town has began developing since 1820, when at the drilling of oil well, underground mineral springs were evinced accidentally. A moment later (in 1827) the first balnery has been constructed, and Truskavets gained the title of the resort. Theodor Torosevich, a pharmaceutist from Lviv, was the first to research mineral waters of Truskavets in detail. Firstly, the water was used strictly for mineral bathing, but after Torosevich’s researches it was prescribed for internal use.

Resort Park. TruskavetsIn 1911 Truskavets becomes one of the most prestigious Polish resorts with unique wooden architecture of Carpathian style. For that time the governor of the resort was Raymond Yarosh, who has become the head of joint-stock company and contributed a lot into the prosperity of the town. A railway communication has been railed with the station, the electricity has been installed, new villas have been projected and constructed, the medical base has been modernized. In 1931 the population of the town contained 3 thousand people and nearly 15 thousand of vacationers and ill people were coming to the resort annually. In the 70-th a new pumproom of mineral water appears, two Palaces of Culture, new railway and bus stations… The amount of inhabitants and of vacationers increases 10 times.

Truskavets is famous for its mineral water “Naftussia”. It’s not a secret, that there are lots of other waters, close by their composition to “Naftussia”. Spring of Truskavets is unique because of the reason that its composition is built up not on the organic salt, as it is at the other resorts, but on the organic matter of oil origin. Exactly that spring attracts the special attention. Geologist have ascertained, that in Truskavets, Naftussia has been created on the place of former accumulation of oil and ozocerite.
Atmospheric precipitation go through the soil “filter” to the depth of 30-50 meters and fill the spring. That’s why the usage of this healing water is limitless, even though 20 thousand liters are used daily.

Resort Park. TruskavetsBesides «Naftussia” there are other magnesion-calcium and sulphatic-hydrocarbonate springs at the resort of Truskavets’. Lots of them, just like “Naftussia” are unique in their stock. These are: “Sofia”, “Bronislava”, “Yuzia”, “Maria”. In sum 14 different springs.

With the help of these natural medicaments, in Truskavets there is an opportunity to get a treatment as of gastroenterologic diseases (diseases of stomach, liver, pancreas..) so of urologic (pyelonephritis, diseases of kidneys, inflammation of the bladder, urolithiasis…) Having got through the sanatorium-and-spa treatment, men have an ability to renew the potency. Mineral water “Yuzia” thanks to the high content of glycerine has a rejuvenative impact on the skin, and “Bronislava” is used for healing of upper air passages. Many other springs are used for the internal usage when bathing, hydromassage, irrigations. By these methods arthritis and osteochondrosis are cured.

Resort Park. TruskavetsThe uniqueness of Truskavets consists in the deposit of ozocerite, which is situated 4 km from the resort. This deposit is only on in the world. In the middle ages ozocerite has been used for producing the candles which were delivered even to Vatican. After deeper research of “the mineral wax”, the scientists of the resort started to elaborate on its basis new medicaments and treat diseases connected to inflammation processes of bronchus and lungs, urinary ducts and prostate, and also to cure gynaecological pathologies, including infertility.

Nowadays, the resort of Truskavets continues to develop, new hotels and sanatoriums are built, the infrastructure improves. Truskavets also develops in the medical plane: modern medical equipment is introduced, newest methods of diagnostics are used.

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