1. Gastroenterological diseases
    Chronic gastritis with secretory insufficiency in stage of remission.
    - Chronis gastritis with preserved hypersecretion, gastroduodenitis in stage of remission.
    - Reflux-esophagitis, algesic, dyspepsical and mixed forms, slight and mean level in stage of remission.
    - Stomach and duodenal ulcer in stage of remission without motor insufficiency of the stomach, without susceptibilities to bleedings, penetrations and malignant degenerations.
    - Diseases of operated stomach ( after stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer operations) under the condition of availability of dumping and hypoglycemic syndrome of slight and mean levels, gastritis of the stomach, not earlier than after two months since the surgical interference.
    - Chronic colic pains and enterocolitis of various etiology of slight and mean levels.
    - Chronic inactive hepatitis of various etiology, in case of minor deviations of indices of the functional tests of the liver.
    - Сholecystitis, cholangitis (angiocholitis) of various etiology without susceptibility to frequent exacerbations, without the phenomenon of icteritiousness.
    - Bile-excerting tracts and gallbladder dyskinesis.
    - Gallstone disease without attacks of hepatic colic pains, except of the forms complicated by infection, and those that demand surgical interference ( copulative or large unit concrements, biliary obstruction).
    - Gallstone disease, the state of postsurgical interference on the biliary tracts under the satisfactory condition not earlier than 2 months after the surgical interferenceя.
    - Chronic pancreatitis, latent and rarely relapsing at the state of rare remission, with feebly marked algesic syndrome and normal activity of the amylase of the blood.
    - Large intestine dyskinesis.
  2. Urological diseases
    - Chronic pyelonephritis (primary, secondary) in stage of remission with satisfactory function of the kidneys.
    - Chronic (initial, secondary) cystitis in stage of remission.
    - Chronic prostatitis, chronic vesiculitis in stage of remission in the condition of limited infiltrate without vestigial urine.
    - Chronic pyelonephritis of one kidney with satisfactory function.
    - Chronic pyelonephritis after operations on the kidneys and urine excretory tracts carried out in order to preserve the organs, in 1-1,5 months after the surgical interference.
    - Urolithiasis in stage of remission:
    a) Nephroliths of upper and lower urinary tracts, dimensions and shapes of which allow to expect their spontaneous outlet;
    b) Urolithiasis with discharging of stones (chronic elimination of stones);
    c) The state after descending and ascending litoiz, extracorporal nephrolithotripsy, surgical and instrumental excretion of kidney stones, urinary tracts in 1-2 months after the interference.
    d) Stones of anomalous kidneys without abrupt abnormality of urine dynamics.
    e) Postoperative state of exctraction of a kidney because of nephrolithiasis and its complications in 4-5 months after the interference.
    - Urine diathesis ( urine acid diathesis, calcium, oxalate, phosphate, acidic, mixed).
Сicatricial stricture of the gullet and of intestines with deviation of permeability, general bilious duct stricture and gallbladder duct stricture.

Stomach and duodenal ulcer in stage of exacerbation, and also the ulcer complicated by pyloric stenosis, by repetitive bleedings during last 8-10 months, penetration of the ulcer, suspicion of malignancy, Zollinger-Ellison syndrome.

Gastritis: rigid, antral, hypotrophic gastritis, stomach polypi.

Postoperative complications: on stomach (fistulas, afferent loop syndrome, dumping and severe hypoglycemic syndrome, atony of stomach stump.

Chronic dysentery, unspecific ulcer colitis, polyposis gastric, intestine polyp.

Gallstone disease with attacks of hepatic colitis.

Vestigial phenomena of acute hepatisis with signs of incomplete active process.

All the forms of icterus.

All the forms of pancreatitis

Chronic disease of kidneys ( chronic pyelonephritis, chronic glomerulonephritis) with high blood preasure.

Nephrosclerosis with symptoms of chronic renal insufficiency.

Hydronephrosis and renal cyst (copulative and solitary) complicated be renal insufficiency.

Nephrotic syndrome in condition of amyloidosis with evident edemata and symptoms of chronic renal insufficiency.

Gross hematuria of any genesis.

Urolithiasis under the condition of concretions’ availability, that demand surgical interference.

Urethral stricture.

Prostate gland adenoma of II and III degrees.

Urinary bladder contraction of any etiology.

Urinary fistulas of any etiology.

Active rheumatic endomyocarditis of the II and the III degrees of activity.

Heart deficiencies under circulatory deficiency of the more than the 2A stage.
Allergic infectious myocarditis.

Total atrioventricular heart block, polytopic extrasystole, fibrillation, paroxysmal tachycardia.

Ischemic heart disease, exertional angina, rest angina, stages B and C of heart failure, insufficiency of the left ventricle of the heart of the II and III stages, inadequate blood supply of stages II and III.

Essential hypertension higher than 2A stage.

Obliterating endarteritis with inclination to generalization.

Recurrent thromboembolism

Results of septic thrombophlebitis (during 1-2 years).
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