Qualitative ozocerite treatment in Truskavets

Similarly to the other resorts, in Truskavets, in general treatment complex contact thermal treatment is very important. Thermal treatment most frequently is exercised in the form of mud-treatment (Yessentuki, Piatyhorsk, Berdiansk, Myrhorod and others.)

In Truskavets in the pre-war years and during the first years of the reconstruction of the resort after war (1945-1946), an artificial mud made of local peat or clay and water of mineral springs, was used for the thermal treatment. But the presence of the ozocerite deposits in the adjacent oil district of Boryslav induced workers of the resort to use ozocerite in treatment. During 1945-1946 ozocerite treatment was exercised at the resort simultaneously with mud-treatment, meanwhile it occurred that ozocerite treatment in comparison to the mud-treatment is much more effective, simple and convenient method of thermal-treatment. That is why starting from the 1947th in Truskavets, for the first time in the health-resort practice ozocerite treatment was used in massive extent when healing all groups of the patients, with indications for treatment at this resort.

As usual at first, ozocerite treatment applications are used at temperatures of 45 degrees plus, but in the process of treatment, in accordance with the patient’s degree of habituation to this procedure the temperature gradually arises to 55-56 degrees plus. When doing this, individual portability is counted. For the whole course of treatment 10-14 procedures are prescribed. At inflammatory diseases of women sexual sphere ozocerite tampons and pants, according to the method developed by Z.Volkova, is used (see treatment of gynecological patients). Ozocerite treatment is combined with other factors of the resort treatment (mineral water, mineral baths, appropriate diet, health-resort-regime, and in some cases electrophysiological treatment and medicine therapy.) When combined with baths, ozocerite procedures are prescribed every other day. In accordance with our data, very favorable results of the ozocerite treatment are observed when attached to stomach and duodenum ulcer, chronic hyperacid gastritis with increased secrecy and acidity. After receiving of three-four ozocerite procedures patients feel the lessening of the pain, lessening or complete disappearance of dyspeptic phenomena (liver, eructation, nausea) and improvement of general state of health.

When treating patients with affection of the liver and bilious tracts, lessening of pain in the right hypochondrium, reduction of the dimensions of the liver, and also lessening of the local sickliness and of the abdominal wall tension in the projection of the gallbladder are observed. In duodenal content the lowering of the quantity of the leukocyte and other elements, that characterize the inflammatory process, and lessening of the number of the cholesterol crystals and salts in duodenal gall, are observed.

According to our observations, ozocerite treatment in complex with other factors is an effective method of treatment, easy taken even by patients with cardiovascular system diseases.

Possible complications when treating with ozocerite

Only in separate cases reactions after the receiving of the first procedures in form of slight giddiness and heart-beating, which usually pass after 2-3 days, are denoted, and we have almost not observed the cases of the compelled ceasing of the ozocerite treatment because of bad portability and general expressed negative reactions.

Local reactions in form of the pain sharpening are observed under the stomach ulcer during the period of not complete disease lull, and also operated patients with commissure of the abdominal cavity. Under commissure disease after 5-7 procedures pains, as genera, assuage and the treatment does not cease; Under the stomach ulcer during the period of the sharpening it is necessary to cease the ozocerite treatment or totally cancel it. 3 From the groups of patients with gall stones endure the treatment badly. Those are: who has arrived at the resort after frequent attacks of the hepatic colitis pains, with speeded up sedimentation rate, and expressed local sickliness and the abdominal wall tension in the region of the gallbladder. Such patients feel the strengthening of the pains, and hepatic colitis pains attacks become more frequent, that is why the ozocerite treatment is to be temporally stopped for the period of 10-15 days or completely refused.

In such cases, some patients smoothly take ozocerite of more lower temperatures (40 + and lower). We have also mentioned, that patients with labile nervous system endure the thermal ozocerite procedures worse than patients with well-balanced processes of the central nervous system. In such cases rallied way of treatment with prescription of lower temperatures (40-45+) ozocerite with less exposition up to 30 minutes, is used.

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